Legal Expenses Explained


Legal expenses policies can cover the funds required to seek legal advice, investigate and defend cases made against you as a private individual, landlord or business, along with covering any court fees.

This type of policy can either be purchased as an add-on or it can usually be included within your main policy, whether you have a commercial combined, office, shop or any other type of insurance policy.

There are range of events a legal expenses policy can cover depending the type of policy chosen and subject to the policy terms and conditions. These are as follows:

      • Free legal advice line
      • Personal injury
      • Employment disputes
      • Criminal prosecution defence
      • Tax protection
      • Jury service
      • Probate
      • Contract disputes
      • Home sale/purchase
      • …any many more
      • Breach of tenancy agreement
      • Pursuit of rent arrears
      • Eviction
      • Legal defence
      • Legal helplin
      • Employment disputes
      • Legal Defence
      • Data protection
      • Contract disputes
      • TAX, VAT, PAYE & NIC investigations
      • Property protection
      • Licence protection


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